This page will give instructions,resources,and other links on your quest to become a Klingon warrior.
It will mostly contain information on costuming and prosthetics but will also include other information.

Silicone headpiece method
This method is a very inexpensive and battle-tested method. Ship members have been using the same silicone headpieces for over a decade with no troubles.

Plaster cast headpiece method
Instructions by Admiral Qob. This method creates a set of ridges that are custom formed to your head. The IKV Bayou Serpent uses this method in addition to the silicone method.

How to make Klingon bloodwine
There are dozens of methods for making bloodwine. This method was created by Commander Salek of the IKV Melota and is used exclusively by the IKV Bayou Serpent. It involves actual brewing and takes 6-8 weeks to produce.

KAG Quartermasters
Official KAG Quartermasters site with files on headpiece and uniform construction as well as Klingon culture

Cold Terror Fleet Quartermasters yahoo group
Yahoo group with files on uniforming and prosthetics. KAG membership isn't required but you must join the yahoo group to access the files.

KAG Quartermasters Yahoo group
Another Quartermaster yahoo group. KAG membership isn't required but you must join the group to access the files.

Top notch uniforming site.

Very good instructions on constructing uniforms and headpieces

Qob's Kling Things
Don't think you have the skills to make a headpiece? Buy a top quality one from Qob at a price cheaper than you can make your own!

IKV Melota Academy page
Created by Commander Salek of the IKV Melota,this page contains information on how to run a bat'leth practice, how to run a batleth tournament, how to run a ship as a business, as well as various other subjects.The IKV Bayou Serpent uses many of these methods in it's operation.