Silicone Headpiece Method

Supplies needed to make a silicone based Klingon headpiece
1 bald cap
1 tube of clear silicone (caulking gun size)
Caulking gun
1 styrofoam or plastic head
1 bottle of liquid base makeup (get the color of the skin tone you wish to be)
Cosmetic sponges or cotton balls
1 bottle of liquid latex
1 small bottle of spirit gum
1 can of non-stick cooking spray
1 wig

Hair dyer

This method is difficult to do on yourself. I recommend either using yourself as a model with another person sculpting your ridges,or using a styrofoam head that's close to your own head size and doing it yourself.

Start off in a well ventilated area since silicone is rough on the eyes and nose. Silicone can also irritate the skin even through the bald cap. I've found that the cheapest brand is usually just fine. Put on the bald cap pulling it down over your eyebrows. It's actually best to pull it over your eyes as well. It prevents silicone from getting in your eyes and you can get better detail on the eyebrows. Load your caulking gun with a tube of silicone and apply the silicone to the headpiece to create a foundation of silicone to put the ridges on top of A quarter inch should be fine.. Be very careful on the brow line to keep the silicone out of your eyes. Do not go all the way to the edge of the bald cap. Once you have a thin layer laid down you can begin adding your ridges and eyebrows, using your cooking spray covered fingers to push and shape the silicone into the desired shape. Exaggerate the ridges since you will lose some detail when you add the latex later on. Do not leave any areas of the actual forehead silicone free except for the edges. You do not have to go back further than halfway on the top of your head. Use a hairdryer for about 30 minutes on the cool setting to help speed the curing of the silicone before removing the bald cap. If you used a styrofoam head then skip this step. Once it starts to solidify, gently remove the cap and trim the front edge to just below the brow line, trim around the ears and a little off the back. Do not take too much off the back or else the headpiece wont stay on your head without being glued on. Sometimes the wig will help hold it on though if you do accidently remove too much from the back.This method allows the headpiece to be worn like a hat and is extremely handy when you have little time to get into uniform. Place the headpiece on your styrofoam head and allow it to cure overnight. Once this is done, dab your liquid makeup on the headpiece with makeup sponges or cotton balls until its as covered as you can get it. Not all areas will hold the makeup since it tries to run from the silicone but do the best you can. Give the makeup a few hours to set. On to the latex. If your headpiece is thin, say a quarter of an inch you'll want to color the latex with makeup. If you have a headpiece that's thicker like mine is you can spray paint it. If it has a lot of flex the paint will crack. Apply the latex in very thin coats, allowing it to dry between coats. A hairdryer helps speed the drying. Do not be stingy, it's better to have plenty of latex than not have enough and run the risk of it tearing. If you did not color your latex then you may now paint it. I use 2 colors for mine. First I spray it with a color darker than the skin tone I use and then I "over spray" it with something lighter. This gives it more depth and simply painting it one color. You can also paint it with a brush and balloon paint if you have the talent or just apply makeup to it to match your skin tone. Now you have an almost finished headpiece. Some people glue the wigs on but I prefer to sew mine on. Make sure there are no areas showing that do not have silicone and latex on them. Sewing it on can be frustrating the first time so you may want another pair of hands. Once the wig is on, trim some hair off the ends for your eye brows. I usually trim the hair about 2 inches. Using spirit gum, glue the eyebrows onto the brow line, trimming the length if needed. You're pretty much done! Try it on to see how well it blends to your skin. I add a little latex to the edges so it blends a little better and dab it with make up. I have had the same headpiece using this method since 1999. Every 4 to 5 years you'll want to pull out the bald cap and glue another in since they get gooey after years of use. That's it! Now put it on and scare the neighbors!