Babelcon 2007

On August 4,2007 members of the IKV Bayou Serpent descended upon Babelcon,a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Baton Rouge,LA. Warriors in attendance were Cmdr. Ri'Par,Lt Cmdr. K'Allen,Lt. Torsha,Lt. Ni'vek,and 2nd Lt. B'ehrmaq. Having been in contact with the con organizers for months,we were asked to get into uniform to greet Robert O'Reilly aka Chancellor Gowron at the airport. This was a big thrill for us! We made a sign that said "Gowron" in both English and Klingon like a limo driver would. (like there was a chance he would miss 4 Klingons in uniform) He was very excited and touched by our greeting,saying he had never been greeted at the airport in that way before.He then posed for pictures with the crew,signed several of our bloodwine mugs,and signed Torsha's ultrasound photo of the yet to be born Kahless,son of K'Allen. Ri'Par told him he did a pretty good impression of him and started quoting one of Gowron's lines and he finished it with Ri'Par!

The next day we attended the con which started at 10am. The weather was extremely hot,95 degrees and very oppressive humidity but it didn't dampen our spirits. Being a sci-fi/fantasy con rather than a Trek con,there were many different characters there. There was the 501st Stormtrooper garrison escorting Darth Vader,various Jedi Knights,pirates,elves,and lots of others that weren't in our database.
We proceeded immediately to the autograph tables where we got autographs and talked to Bob May (Lost In Space robot),Lee Meriweather (Catwoman and Losira from Star Trek TOS),Lee's daughter was there also. She is a stunt woman who has worked for Sherri Moon Zombie,Sigourney Weaver and others. Robert O'Reilly arrived shortly after and we talked with him for quite a while about Gowron,Martok,and how uncomfortable the uniforms are. He was gracious enough to pose for more pictures with us.

There was a lot to do at the con and we had to pick and choose what we wanted to see since some presentations were scheduled at the same time in different rooms of the con. Most of us chose to intimidate the mundanes until the first guest,Bob May,went onstage. He talked about being in the suit for 4 years,his fellow castmates,and other shows he had done. Lee Meriweather went up next and talked about everything from Batman,to John Wayne,Rock Hudson,and Star Trek. She had one funny story involving DeForest Kelly and a watch face she had glued inside her navel. Then the man we had came to see,Chancellor Gowron,hit the stage! The first thing he does is a demonstration of "the eyes".He talked about the problems with the uniforms being uncomfortable,his lack of knowledge of the Klingon language,his triplets,and his wish to play either Gowron or a family member in a film if they could schedule it around his real life family.

There was an hour break so we took the opportunity to get out of the makeup and returned to the con for the cocktail party with the stars and to see the Orion slave girl belly dancers. I don't know if they actually have some kind of scent that makes men fall in love but Ni'vek and Ri'Par were quite taken with them. The auction fallowed but we were all much too tired and out of latinum so we shook the Chancellor's hand one last time and said our goodbyes. Promotions were given to Ni'vek to full Lieutenant for his continuous service and to B'ehrmaq to 2nd Lieutenant for completing his uniform.