Babelcon 2009

Cmdr Ri'Par reporting

July 17-19 2009 marked the 4th installment of Babelcon in Baton Rouge,LA. This was the ship's 3rd appearance at the con. The guest this year was Rekha Sharma aka "Tory Foster",one of the final 5 cylons in the new Battlestar Galactica series. The con didn't have the usual turnout but we still put 4 warriors there including Lt Ni'Vek,Lt B'ehrmaq,Sergeant Major Kiral, (for her first con) and myself. Friday night was the "Meet,greet,and eat" party. Rekha was in attendance but didn't do much meeting or greeting. She claimed to have a severe lack of sleep and only sat at one table for the entire 2 hours. I wasn't happy about it but accepted her excuse anyway.

Since she played a cylon,I wore my cylon armor for the first part of Saturday in an attempt to get a photo with her. I was told that she wouldn't be out until 2pm so I changed into my Klingon uniform and got the photo with it on. Ni'Vek and B'ehrmaq did a very good job of scaring the locals while I was out of uniform. Ni'Vek went sleeveless and for a while,took off his headpiece and went as an "augment". He's got the arms for it. The costume contest began at 7pm and B'ehrmaq and Ni'Vek both got out of uniform to support me in the contest. I took first place in the sci-fi category with an honorable mention in the "Best attention to detail" category. My first costume contest victory......ever! There was also an auction for kids with developmental abilities and over $1,000 was raised. Ni'Vek bought a signed poster of General Martok from his appearance last year.

At this point I also got out of uniform and went to Ni'Vek's room to find he and B'ehrmaq were watching the Orion slave girl bellydancers. Always a treat! I stayed in the room to fill my grumbling stomach and ended up turning in. Ni'Vek partied until 3:30am.

Sunday morning I made one more attempt in cylon costuming to catch Rekha for a photo but still had no luck and had to warp out since I had other duties.

Everyone had a great time. Thanks to my warriors for suiting up in the oppressive heat and thanks to Kiral for making sure I didnt run into anything in my cylon suit. I cant see a damn thing in that helmet!