Klingon Ball 2008

September 6,2008 was the date for the IKV Melota's 3rd annual Klingon ball in Arlington,TX. Cmdr Ri'Par was in attendance representing the IKV Bayou Serpent. All proceeds went to benefit Safe Haven of Tarrant county,a shelter for abused women.I had been wanting to attend one for a couple of years and this year I got lucky enough that it didn't fall on a date too close to anything else I had planned. I arrived the night before after a 4 hour drive and was graciously given room and board by Salek and sQueezinart. The day of the ball began around 9am with me helping several Melota members decorate the room that was rented at Lake Arlington,a service I was happy to provide. After several hours of decorating we got into costume and the ball started around 6:00pm. There were members from 2 Klingon ships and at least 2 feddie ships present. Everyone was given a packet that contained a game,voting slips for various trophies,and other trinkets. There were door prizes that ranged from Salek's bloodwine to Trek books,a raffle with about 15 donated items,and a silent auction with many very nice items. I personally donated 2 Star Wars posters,4 limited edition Star Wars 3-D prints,and a bottle of my bloodwine signed by Chancellor Martok. There was much food and some of it was judged by the attendees for originality,flavor,and appearance. After eating,everyone did their own thing for a while,getting to know each other,taking photos at the prom-like arch with nebula backdrop which were printed out and given to you on the spot,and dancing. I hate dancing but even I was dragged onto the floor (literally) a few times. I demonstrated a form of Klingon dance that no one had seen. It's similar to riverdance but you move your arms and keep your legs stationary,just the opposite of riverdance. Charlie Rodriguez of the Melota should have gotten a trophy for best dancer and even gave a few lessons since he teaches dance. At the end of the night trophies were handed out for the following:

Best Male costume: Cmdr Ri'Par of the IKV Bayou Serpent
Best Female Costume: Donna Whitaker for her 19th Century Minbari outfit
Most Original costume was also won by Donna
Most Humorous: Charlie Rodriguez

Food awards were as follows:
Best Flavor was won by Liz Weber of the Melota for her "Maroon Monster"
Best appearance and most original were both taken by Lynn Alcala of the Melota.

But the whole reason for the ball wasn't just to have fun. A total of $635 was raised along with 307 pounds of non-perishable items,clothing,and even a microwave. Qapla to all involved and thanks for the invite,I had a great time!