IKV Melota Bat'leth Tournament 2007

For the 4th straight year the IKV Bayou Serpent traveled the 3 hour plus drive to the IKV Melota's fall bat'leth tournament on October 5-7,2007, Lt Ni'Vek was making his first voyage. Ni'vek had recent back surgery and didn't compete in the fighting but did participate in the non-combat games. The tournament was once again held at Purtis Creek State Park. After getting some bad star charts from a now dead ferengi and getting turned around a bit,we arrived about 9:30pm Friday night. We met with everyone,set up camp,talked for a bit and went to sleep since Ri'Par had been awake for about 28 hours working on some Borg parts.

Saturday morning saw rain and lots of it. Fighting normally begins at 9am but was pushed back an hour and a half to try to let the rain pass but it didn't. The rain was almost constant,ranging from drizzle to downpours but we fought anyway.

Bat'leth was first up. Just as last year, this was taken by Qel'ogh-wI,CO of the IKV Melota. Ri'Par made it to 3rd place.

Mekleth was next and was taken by Gavin,a mundane I believe, but well trained with weapons from his Amptguard group. Ri'Par was knocked out in the first round.

D'k tahg was up next and this has always been Ri'Par's best event.He came in second to Kartoq in sudden death and had to earn that spot! Lt Cmdr K'Mok,XO of the Melota,gave me a real challenge. Matches are supposed to go to 3 points but we were both at 5 and a half before Ri'Par finally got a shot in and didn't get hit himself. The same thing was repeated with Kartoq,going to 5 points but never getting the opening Ri'Par needed. Kartoq earned every bit of it. Qapla!

Due to our late start, it was now getting dark very fast and we had to start the non-combat games. Ri'Par's team which included K'tokQ,Salek's son Eril,and himself did manage to come in second place even though we couldn't see a thing. The game was a course that had you doing a variety of things such as doing a jigsaw puzzle,spear throwing (Ri'Par nailed the target in my first throw and in the dark),untieing knots, and a few other things. The ferengi pinata and tribble hunt were easier in the dark since the tribbles had glow necklaces on and were filled with treats ranging from candy to alcohol instead of more baby tribbles. The ferengi was also filled with treats since his innards had been removed prior and he was drawn and quartered to get them. His head was then stuck on a spear for the ceremony. Ri'Par came home with many prizes including a set of glasses with the Klingon trefoil etched on them,a 10 year anniversary etched goblet,and the coolest one being a large piece of wood with Trek artwork by Salek's daughter Erin. Thanks to Amereth for giving that one to Ri'Par since it was rightfully hers and she chose to give it to a worthy opponent in the game.

The ceremonies started late due to a mix up on the park's part with the covered pavilion. This year was the 10th anniversary of the Melota and the ceremony was much more elaborate which is saying a lot since their ceremonies are second to none. Ten torches were lit by the warriors in the ceremony and we were honored to be in on it since we don't belong to the ship.Awards were given for the combat and for overall points which was as follows:

1st place points: Lt Cmdr Kartoq
2nd place points: Cmdr Ri'Par
3rd place points: Lt Cmdr Qel'ogh-wI

Ri'Par was given the honor of promoting Qel'ogh-wI's parmachi ogh wI to Lt Cmdr on the order or Admiral Qob and passed to him by the Quadrant Commander Lt Cmdr K'Allen since he was unable to attend. Event pins and anniversary pins were handed out along with a "friend of the Melota" pin being given to Ri'Par for always being there for the tournament. The "Order Of Kamin" award was passed out by Lt Dragen to Qel'ogh-wI,an award that honors the memory Lord Kamin who passed a few years ago and is given to one warrior who shows the honor and heart of a warrior. This was voted on by all officers present and I hear it was a close one. We then all got out of the uniforms and enjoyed our bloodwine til early in the morning before sleeping,repacking and saying our goodbyes. Ni'Vek promises to return and Ri'Par will always be there to fight,drink,and fellowship with the entire Melota crew. Job well done once again! Qapla!