IKV Melota Bat'leth Tournament 2009

Lt B'ehrmaq reporting

The 2009 IKV Melota bat'leth tournment was held on November 6-8 at Cedar Hill State Park, State of Texas, Terran System. Approximately 30 warriors and mundanes attended and the IKV Bayou Serpent, IKV Melota and IKV Qin Vagh were represented. Nine warriors competed for glory. I arrived around 5 p.m. on November 6 and set up my camp. I greeted my fellow warriors Salek, Gizmo and KartoQ from the IKV Melota and Dragen and Draken from the Qin Vagh. K'mok and T'kai arrived later. We set up our campsites and ate, drank and told glorious stories that night. The time for battle arrived with the morning. Salek and some other warriors went to harass some people known as "stormtroopers" from an alternative universe known a "Star Wars". Unaware that on this soft and cowardly region of Terra, the terran police strictly enforced something known as a "noise ordinance". Not wishing to spill blood before combat, Salek and the other warriors returned to camp. The battle began. Bat'leth as usual, was first. KartoQ placed first, defeating Gizmo in the final. As proof of our fierce combat, a bat'leth was utterly destroyed and broken in two by Gizmo. In mek'leth, Commander Salek, a veteran of eleven years of combat and sixteen tournaments, placed first in a fierce and glorious battle. He defeated KartoQ in the final. In d'k-tahg, because of the way the tournament field, and odd number of combatants, ended in a three-way match for first place between K'mok, Salek and Gizmo. K'mok defeated Gizmo in the first match, and Gizmo defeated Salek in the second. K'mok then defeated Salek in the deciding match to win d'k-tahg. The match between Salek and K'mok was one for the ages, with both warriors fighting with the spirit of Kahless to an ultimate victory by K'mok 14-13 1/2. With battle concluded, the warriors feasted on a glorious repast prepared by sQueezinart. The meal was one to sing songs about and all filled their bellies. As the day ended, the ceremonies began. Salek prepared medals that could be worn around the neck. The medals had a lightsource which fully illuminated their glory. We held the warrior's prayer and death howl, especially honoring the brave terran warriors of Fort Hood who died as the result of a most cowardly act. Kartok won 1st place bat'leth, Salek won 1st place mek'leth and K'mok won 1st place dak'tagh. Salek also won for 1st blood and Gizmo won for broken weapon. 1st place overall went to KartoQ, 2nd place overall went to Gizmo and 3rd place overall went to Salek. A special award, which looked like a cat's butt, denoting the CATastrophe award signifying the warrior who received lowest number of points and therefore needed most practice, went to Dragen. I won the special Ni'vek mug award, and had the honor of first dip of the bloodwine, courtesy of Gizmo. After the ceremonies, we ate, drank and told stories the night. The next morning, having a long journey, I awakened early, bid my fellow warriors farewell and returned home. Special thanks go to Salek and K'mok for creating the medals and CATastrophe trophy, and to sQueezinart for preparing the wonderful meal. If there is any I have left out, I apologize. All warriors honored the Klingon Empire at this event. Special warriors' recognition go to Gizmo, who suffered a hip injury and had to withdraw from mek'leth. In true Klingon warrior fashion, Gizmo returned for d'k-tahg and placed second. He should be specially honored for his bravery and courage.