Con du Lac 2009

Lt B'ehrmaq reporting

On Saturday, June 13, 2009 I traveled to Lake Charles to attend the first, and hopefully annual, Con du Lac. I arrived shortly after the con opened around 10:00am. Already the temperature rivaled that of Vulcan. The con advertised various demonstrations and swordplay outside, but I saw none. It was likely that the humans, possessing some small intelligence, decided to remain indoors. The Star Wars 501st was well represented, with several stormtroopers and other Star Wars characters. I appeared to be the lone Star Trek universe representative. Richard Hatch, from last years BabelCon, was the celebrity guest. He appeared to be having a great time, mingling with the crowd, taking pictures and signing autographs. The con was small, but its participants enthusiastic. I had my picture taken with perhaps two dozen attendees. The rest of the day was spent intimidating the mundanes and visiting with some Baton Rouge and BabelCon humans I knew. Because of prior mission engagements, I was unable to stay past mid afternoon. Although the con was small, it was well run and well attended. I hope it returns next year as it was an honor to attend and represent the Bayou Serpent and KAG.