Deliverance Wars 4

March 11,2005 4 members of the IKV Bayou Serpent including Lt Cmdr Ri'Par,Lt K'Allen,Lt Torsha and newest recruit Lance Corporal Sito Emony ventured for the first time to Arkansas for Deliverance Wars 4. There was a great showing. In addition to the four of us were 5 members of the IKV Deliverance,7 members of the IKV Melota,2 ghostwalkers,and 2 mundanes in the battle,not to mention a few other mundane observers. We arrived a few hours before dusk and set up camp. The Melota members arrived not long after dark and after everyone was settled in we had our usual meet,greets,hugs,and headbuttings. After a bit of talking,several of us retired to our tents,tired from the drive and lack of sleep the night before due to our mundane jobs. During the night a large thunderstorm came through and gave our tents their first weather test. They held up fine. The next morning began with a few warm up battles of "attack and defend" on the small town that had been constructed in the wooded playing area.We were quite impressed with this and had a great time both attacking and defending the village. After several games we took a break for lunch. Some ventured back out after lunch and others stayed back for other things such as trips into town. To say the area is off the beaten path is an understatement. A trip for alcohol took a good hour round trip by shuttle. CF's mother provided us with a chili dinner for the evening meal which was quite good and then it was back to paintball. The first scheduled game was a "predator" game with Dr Gizmo of the Melota playing predator. Due to a sudden rise in humidity,many combatants's goggles became fogged to the point of not being able to see and several dropped out of the game. Anti-fog spray worked very well for the IKV Bayou Serpent and all our shipmates remained in the game. Gizmo hid in a field with night vision goggles while all the rest of us had "here I am" glow necklaces on. Gizmo was spotted and several warriors made their approach to neutralize him. Ri'Par saw the general area he had bunkered down in and walked right up on him,mistaking him for "Steel" of the Ghostwalkers. He fired at Ri'Par but he wasn't hit so Ri'Par returned fire,also missing him. Another exchange of fire from both and no kill. Just as they realized BOTH guns had jammed John of the IKV Deliverance "barrel tapped" Gizmo and ended our one night game since most of us couldn't see anyway. Everyone returned to camp for the bonfire,drinking,and fellowship that is trademark of all Melota/Deliverance/Bayou Serpent events. Much fun was had,new friends were made,and old friends renewed their bonds. Another shower came through but was short lived and did little to dampen the party. Slowly the groups went back to their bunks for a little rest after such a glorious day. Sunday morning was pretty much everyone trying to pack in the gale force winds that had been around for most of the weekend. Everyone said their goodbyes with more hugs,headbutts,and handshakes with promises to see each other again as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing some new faces at Venom Wars 3,the IKV Bayou Serpent's paintball war this October.