Reported by Commander Ri'Par

On June 13- 15,2008 Cmdr Ri'Par (myself) attended FedconUSA in Dallas,TX. For speed I will use the character names rather than actual names. I arrived on Friday the 13th around 2pm,registered and milled around with Dr Gizmo,K'haos, and T'Paun of the IKV Melota, who were working the con. I got a few autographs,sat in on a Q&A session from Chiana of Farscape,and turned in around 8pm since I had been awake for 24 hours after working the night before and making the 4+ hour trek by shuttle. I shared my quarters with Dr Gizmo and K'haos.

Saturday morning I was up at 4:30am and raring to go. After some breakfast, I got into uniform and headed back down to the con. I noticed that several guests hadn't been seen yet. Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica was slated to do his Q&A first and wasn't there. Next was Ensign Mayweather of Enterprise,also not there. Dr Phlox and his wife Bonita took the stage and did their Q&A. As soon as their time was up,someone from the con got onstage and announced that the con was cancelled due to low attendance. From what I'm told,they did almost no advertising. Fans were very upset with one human female having come all the way from Canada. Dr Phlox stepped up and took a microphone to carry out to the crowd for questions and stated that "No one is leaving until everyone's questions have been answered". After some questions about refunds,Dr Phlox and his wife Bonita said that if the hotel would give them a room that they would stay and sign autographs and do photo ops,even honoring the gold tickets which meant they didn't get paid for those. He also said that he'd try to get the other stars to do the same and every star that was there did so. The main reason I attended was for the photo op with Gowron and Martok in uniform. I was told that they were halfway through makeup and were also going to continue with the photo ops. I went back to my quarters to let Dr Gizmo know and as we came around the corner to the turbolift I saw the backside of a Klingon. I thought we were the only 2 Klingons there but as he turned at our approach I saw that it was Gowron....in full makeup! We rode the turbolift down with him and escorted him to the autograph room. Martok appeared very shortly after and was not only in full makeup,but in full character. He swaggered into the room and bellowed praises for everyone who was still there. He also chased away Harry Kim after he stole his marker. He was lucky enough to escape with his life. I got my photo with the Chancellors! Qapla!

The con completely shut down around 3pm so I went back to the room,removed the uniform,showered,and decided to go to the hotel restaurant/bar in hopes of catching a star. I didnt wait long. I wound up sitting at a table with Martok,Gowron,Phlox,his wife Bonita,K'Bubbles,and a few other fans. After a short while, a few left to eat elsewhere so I sat with Gowron,K'Bubbles,and Bonita and drank for a few hours. We talked about everything from the show to Gowron's home remedy for killing fire ants. Later the others returned and I had a few drinks with them as well. Other than the photo op, this was the best part of the con,hanging out and engaged in normal conversation.

Sunday was checkout day and also my birthday. I went down for the breakfast buffet and caught one more moment with Martok. I just opted to say hello rather than interrupt his breakfast and newspaper.Then it was back home to enjoy the memories.