Galaxy Of Stars '07 Convention

On May 5,2007, Lt Cmdr Ri'Par,Lt Cmdr K'Allen, and Lt Sito attended the Galaxy of Stars '07 convention in Jackson,MS at the Telcom Center.This con was put on by the USS Haise of Jackson,MS. Cast members in attendance were Deanna Troi,Admiral Nechayev,Tuvok,Dr Phlox,Malcolm Reed,Harry Kim,and Phlox's real life wife Bonita from the "Enterprise" episode "Regeneration". We arrived in town the afternoon before the con and got our room,excited because this was the first con for both Ri'Par and Sito. Due to a malfunctioning alarm,the crew awoke in just enough time to get into uniform. Sito took quite a while since she was going as an Orion slave girl and had to be painted green but we arrived in just enough time. Phlox was outside giving an interview and we stopped and talked with him a bit and shook hands. We rode the elevator up with him and he seemed a bit worried we'd go "full Klingon" on him! We got our tickets and wandered around before Ri'Par and Sito stopped at Admiral Nechayev's signing table. She was very happy to see us and asked us to pose for a picture for her with her own camera which we happily did. She is the nicest lady,not at all like her character on TNG and DS9,a tribute to her acting abilities! Ri'Par then found Harry Kim and asked him how much of a stretch it was for him to act attracted to Seven of Nine,which he enjoyed and told me she was a great kisser. Admiral Nechayev was first up on stage and told a little about herself,showed clips from her non-Trek work and answered fan questions. There was a small break in which we went and got our autographs and took a smoke break,bumping into Deanna Troi outside. She happily posed for pics with us before she took the stage herself for the next hour. Then came the photo ops in which we got our photo taken with Phlox and Reed from "Enterprise". Reed was quite taken with Sito's green body. As we waited for the next star to go onstage we were approached by a member of the USS Haise crew that told us that they needed a photo with Admiral Nechayev to promote next year's con and that she had asked for us to be in the photo with her! We of course couldn't turn her down. She also made sure that we got a copy of the photo for ourselves. Harry Kim went up next and had the crowd in stitches doing his Sulu impression and walking around like a Sears catalog model. After an hour lunch break,Tuvok hit the stage. He is very Vulcan-like in person but still very friendly. He showed some short films he had made,the trailer for "Of Gods And Men", and answered fan questions. There was another short break in which we ran into Phlox outside and everyone discussed why they thought "Enterprise" only lasted 4 seasons among other things. Phlox had warmed up to us and we were trading jokes in no time. Lt Reed was up next and joined onstage by Phlox and later his wife Bonita. It was controlled chaos with those 3 on stage! Phlox and Reed teased each other,Phlox was taking the knobs off the captain's chair that was onstage,and Bonita was trying to settle them down but ended up pulled into the fun! The session even ended with Phlox getting a spanking from Reed with a microphone cord! There was a 2 hour gap before the "Babel Bash cocktail party" so we returned to our room and removed our uniforms and returned. We ran into Phlox and Reed who at this point were very friendly and teasing each other and us as well which we joined in on. Phlox then tells us a story about how Deanna had went to the bathroom and discovered green paint on the toilet seat. Phlox said that Deanna had never sat on a foreign seat,that she was a "hoverer" and picked at Sito that she obviously wasn't! The more Sito tried to explain, the more Phlox teased her. Sito would offer an explaination,saying she had to go really bad in which Phlox would say "but that still doesn't explain why you sat down"! She would offer another version and Phlox would repeat what he had just said! It was great! Reed,Phlox,K'Allen and Ri'Par were laughing hysterically at Sito's expense! We went inside for the cocktail party. Tuvok was to appear and play guitar and sing songs from his CD. He was the only star that had to appear but they all showed up anyway except for Troi who had to leave earlier. We sat right by Harry Kim and chatted with him a bit before I called Phlox back over and told him that he should tell the story of the "green toilet seat" at all his cons. He got a kick out of it,said he would,and went back to picking a Sito for a short bit. Tuvok hit the stage and the stars mingled. Reed found himself back at the table beside ours and began playing with a Tuvok action figure that a child nearby had. While Tuvok attempted to not look in Reed's direction,Reed had Tuvok's action figure breakdancing,moonwalking,and doing all kinds of perverse things that had us laughing with him again. We found Admiral Nechayev again who was very happy to see us after she figured out who we were since we had no makeup at this point. She pulled out her photo of her with us from earlier and asked us to sign it for her!!!! She said she was going to put it on her wall at home! We then walked around shaking hands with the stars since the party was ending. Ri'Par told them all it was an honor to meet them and hang out with them on such a personal level. Harry Kim seemed especially touched when Ri'Par told him such. In closing,we had a great time! The stars went out of their way to talk to us and hang out with us when the didn't have to. This con is gonna be hard to beat!