Halloween 2009

Cmdr Ri'Par reporting

Two uniformed members of the IKV Bayou Serpent hit the town in separate locations on Halloween night 2009. Kiral was also out with the club but hasn't gotten her uniform together yet.

Ship XO Torsha had to work at her mundane job but wore her uniform anyway and is to be commended and rewarded.

Kiral and myself first went to the local mall for some local exposure but there weren't many people at all there. We had a meal while there and headed to the Foxhole Lounge for karaoke and a costume contest. It's hard to be optimistic about this outing,our first halloween one in a few years. Not many mundanes were present but I still only got 2 turns to sing in 4 hours. The "costume contest" was anything but that. Best male costume went to a character from Reno 911 and second place was a guy with a leather trenchcoat and a clown mask. A person couldnt win in more than one catagory so I entered again in the "best overall" slot. This time I was beaten out by an extremely overweight girl in a catholic schoolgirl costume and a "little person" who had no costume at all. Yes,you read that correctly. He had on street clothes and still bested me. There is no dishonor in losing to a superior opponent but none of these were such. I did manage to pass out several ship business cards to some interested fans who were shocked that I was not victorious. Maybe next time, and hopefully with greater numbers, we can defeat the gravity and height challenged and proclaim ourselves masters over the mundanes.