Headpiece Party

On January 21,2006 Lt Cmdr Ri'Par hosted the IKV Bayou Serpent's first headpiece party in an attempt to get more crew members uniformed. In attendance were Lt Cmdr Ri'Par,Lt K'Allen,Lt Torsha,and Sergeant Major Ni'Vek,our subject. The party started around 3pm with Ni'Vek arriving first. After a little thought he decided to go with a Duras style headpiece. Ri'Par did the honors of squeezing the silicone onto Ni'Vek's head and getting it into it's basic shape. During the process the attendees watched an IKV Melota DVD about tournament styles and bat'leth construction for Ni'Vek's benefit. We then followed with 2 DS9 episodes and Trekkies 2. Ni'Vek had to head out earlier than everyone else due to another mission so his headpiece will be finished by Ri'Par. We plan to hold a few more of these to see if we can get anyone else started on a uniform.