IKV Melota Bat'leth Tournament 2005

Lt Cmdr Ri'Par made an away mission to Dallas,TX on September 9-11,2005 for the IKV Melota's fall bat'leth tournament. Officers from 4 ships were in attendance including the IKV Bayou Serpent,IKV Melota,IKV Deliverance,and the MAV veStargh. Ri'Par had a bad day in the bat'leth part of the tournament,getting knocked out in the first round, but made it to the next to the last round of mekleth and took home the trophy for 1st place in dk'tahg. The entire dk'tahg part of the tournament Ri'Par wore a loincloth along with 2 members of the Melota crew. After the ring fighting came archery,knife throwing,and spear and axe throwing which Ri'Par sat out on.After this came a scavenger hunt in which Ri'Par's team also won first prize. This was followed by the ceremonies to announce the winners,promotions and a death howl to honor recently fallen Melota member Kamin. Ri'Par was awarded the 1st place dk'tahg trophy and a pin for "fartherest traveled" to get to the tournament. After the ceremonies came the drinking,partying and chest thumping that Klingons are so known for. Ri'Par had a great time and looks forward to meeting these worthy warriors again very soon. Thanks to K'bubbles for use of her land and being such a gracious host.