IKV Deliverance/Qin Vagh Bat'leth Tournament 2009

Cmdr Ri'Par reporting

March 13-15,2009 saw Cmdr Ri'Par,Lt Ni'Vek,and a mundane guest travel to Danville,AR for the second annual bat'leth tournament hosted by both the IKV Qin Vagh of Dallas and the IKV Deliverance of Arkansas. Five ships were in attendance.Our group fought the rain and arrived around 5pm and set up camp before the rain started again. The weather wasnt too bad. A little cooler than is comfortable for this Klingon but the rain held off for the most part with just a few stray showers that did nothing to slow us down. We woke Saturday morning,at least most of us did. Our mundane guest slept through the entire tournament! After a slightly late start,we started with bat'leth. I made my best showing with this weapon by coming in 2nd to Tanqa of the Deliverance who by the way it was good to see again. It's been years...far too long! Mekleth was up next. I took a really hard shot to the kidneys which put me out of the rest of the fighting. I'm not sure who won the individual weapon classes at this point since I was lying on a biobed and medicated. Balrahg took my spot and went on to finish 2nd overall with a tie for first between Tanqa and Spike. There was also a disruptor course where one had to run a trail armed with a shield and paintball gun while being fired upon. I dont believe anyone made it through without being hit. A glorious deer chili was served for dinner with everyone getting multiple servings.There were no formal ceremonies so I decided to try to sleep off the injuries and pain medication while the others stayed up and told stories of events past. I wish I had been able to finish the combat. I did try to finish the match but it just wasn't possible. Sunday morning we all packed up and headed back to our own patrol areas. The time apart won't be long,Venom Wars 6 is in one month.