Star Trek 11 Premiere

Cmdr Ri'Par reporting

May 8th,2009 7 members of the IKV Bayou Serpent in 2 cities attended the premiere of the first Star Trek movie since 2002. Our original plan was to see the Hannah Montana movie but it was sold out.

West Monroe,LA
Ri'Par,K'Allen,Torsha,Ni'Vek,J'Dar,and Rhiana invaded Tinseltown 17. The media was invited but didn't show,possibly not expecting the huge turnout. We arrived about 45 minutes prior to the movie and intimidated the mundanes,passing out recruiting info to those brave enough stand their ground in our presence. We had a great time scaring them as well. I almost made a girl cry while Ni'Vek made a girl at the snackbar come a foot off the ground when he placed his drink order. We also posed for pictures as usual.

We entered the theater to find it packed with few seats next to each other. I promptly bellowed out "no one saved a seat for the Klingons!?". This lead to applause from the audience who shuffled about to make room for us to sit. The poor girl of about 10 years sitting next to me was in her father's lap the entire movie since I told her I hadn't eaten yet.

K'Allen was the only ship member who didn't love the movie since he's more of a purist than the rest of the group. He stated the new Enterprise looks like a terran '55 Chevy. I don't see the problem with that.

After the movie was over we found at least 20 people outside the entrance waiting on us and wanting photos.We complied,passed out more recruiting info,and frightened a few more mundanes. It was a glorious event with a great turnout.

Baton Rouge,LA
Lt B'ehrmaq reporting

On May 8, 2009, the new Star Trek film premiered in Baton Rouge. I, Lieutenant B'ehrmaq, represented KAG and the IKV Bayou Serpent at the premiere at the invitation of Star One Delta. I arrived around an hour before the seven o'clock showing. There were five feddies and a starfleet marine. After greeting the representatives of the federation, I posted myself besides the table advertising Star One Delta and Babelcon. My idea, which was successful, was to intimidate the mundanes into receiving literature and other information on BabelCon and Star One Delta. I handed out approximately fifty flyers. All of the mundanes, with the exception of one or two teenagers, were curious and impressed by the presence of a warrior of the Klingon Empire. Around fifteen or twenty people requested pictures with me, which I was honored to oblige.

Prior to the start of the showing of the new film, we entered the theater and posted ourselves in front of the crowd. The federation personnel gave a short presentation on Star One Delta and BabelCon. They also requested the patrons participate in a trivia contest. Several patrons greeted me aloud and a few requested that I speak to them in Klingon. I did not know if they were fluent in Klingon, but I was happy to greet them in Klingon. We gave our presentation to four screenings, then settled down to watch the film, which I enjoyed.

The Klingon Empire, KAG and the Bayou Serpent were represented with honor.