TV Appearance on UPN

On September 4,2004 Lt Cmdr Ri'Par and Lt K'Allen appeared on the UPN show Cinema Insomnia.The show is hosted by Mr Lobo from Sacremento,CA. He plays really cheesy sci-fi and horror movies with his own craziness added in between commercials. The really bad sci-fi movie Star Crash was being transmitted on the night of September 4 from a space station. Being that the movie was so bad, (David Hasselhoff was in it,enough said) Ri'Par and K'Allen attack the station and demand the last copy of this movie be released to them. Mr Lobo and the station commander both refuse and jettison the tapes. The station is destroyed by the IKV Bayou Serpent but not before the tapes were shot out into space and later found by Mr Lobo. Ri'Par and K'Allen were of course in full uniform playing themselves. Also starring in the movie was Christopher Plummer aka General Chang from Star Trek 6:The Undiscovered Country. Check out Cinema Insomnia with Mr Lobo's website at