Venom Wars 2004

On September 25 and 26,2004 the IKV Bayou Serpent hosted their first ever multiple ship paintball tournament dubbed the "Venom Wars". This 2 day event featured paintball,hand to hand weapons practice,and a lot of drinking! Four members of the IKV Melota including Salek,Krell,Qel'ogh-wI,and Ka'min arrived Friday night loaded to the ridges with weapons,banners,bloodwine and stories. IKV Bayou Serpent members included Ri'Par,K'Allen,Torsha,Re'an,Kal'-El, and Ni'Vek. First up was a meet and greet session with both ships showing off video of past events,uniforms,weapons and the like. Ri'Par,K'Allen and Torsha all squared off against Salek with bat'leths,mekleths,and dk'taghs to get the feel of the IKV Melota's annual bat'leth tournaments. We grilled food for everyone and it was off to the paintball course which by the way was at K'Allen's terran home and played at night wearing glow necklaces. Several minor injuries were reported,most notably Ri'Par being shot to the point of bleeding from a distance of less than 6 feet. Salek took a few shots too close to the "family jewels" for his comfort and Krell had trouble seeing in the dark. The paintball battle was abandoned for the much anticipated bloodwine ceremonies that we insisted the Melota crew conduct. A Klingon prayer and death howl was done for recently fallen Trek alumni and the partying commenced! Ni'Vek was first to fall to the power of the bloodwine,followed by Ri'Par. Let it be known that Salek's homemade bloodwine packs a punch and will give you a screaming hangover! Even though we didn't get to battle as much as we had hoped,the crews of both ships had a great time. The IKV Bayou Serpent is planning on attending a Melota bat'leth tournament in the near future and is also planning more paintball and maybe even a bat'leth tournament of our own.