Venom Wars 2005

On October 14-16 the IKV Bayou Serpent hosted the second annual "Venom Wars" dubbed the "Great Dragen Hunt". The IKV Bayou Serpent crew present included Lt Cmdr Ri'Par,Lt K'Allen,Lt Torsha,and Sergeant Major Ni'Vek. The Bayou Serpent crew welcomed once again the IKV Melota out of Dallas,TX to the event. The Melota crew included Salek,Krell,Dragen,and Y'Lesh. The Melota arrived around 12am on Friday and camp was set up. Saturday brought 3 mundane guests to join the fight and after a slightly late start the first (and only) game began. The game was a scenario game in which the Ferengi had found an Iconian gateway and used it to plunder various time periods and races for valuable artifacts. The ship was shot down in orbit and scattered the artifact containers over the playing field. Ri'Par volunteered to referee while Salek videotaped the battle to retrieve the containers. Each container had a different point value so just because you had the most containers didn't mean you would win. After about an hour of searching for containers the heavy fighting began and several containers were stolen from the enemy base and then stolen back. After 2 hours was up the Bayou Serpent had 6 containers and the Melota 3 after the Bayou Serpent lost one due to a game penalty for removing an identification armband. After the points were added the IKV Bayou Serpent was the victor. Everyone piled into K'Allen's shuttle for a lunch break when we noticed Dragen was missing. Shuttles and searchteams were sent out but after 3 hours Dragen hadn't been found. Just as the crews were about to call the local law enforcement,Dragen drives up on an ancient piece of Terran farming equipment known as a "John Deere" that he had "obtained" from a nearby pasture. Both crews were relieved at his return but too tired for anymore paintball thus Venom Wars 2 had only one game as did VW1. The ceremonies started at dark with our newly built stage complete with firepits,a painted backdrop and 2 Cardassian skulls nicknamed Charlie the Cardie and Carl. The ceremonies when off without a hitch and included the opening of the bloodwine,death howl,prayer,promotions and awards. Event pins were awarded to everyone with awards given for most bruised to a mundane guest named Justin Burge and least bruised going to Dragen. The after-party was just the type of party we've come to expect from the Melota...HUGE!! Everyone had more than their share of bloodwine and various conversations and a few bat'leth matches ensued. Sunday brought the teardown and packing up that we hate so much. We always have a sad spot in our 8 chambered hearts having to say goodbye to the Melota crew. They are a great group of guys and girls and we look forward to our next encounter.