Venom Wars 3

On October 13-15,2006 the IKV Bayou Serpent hosted the third annual "Venom Wars" paintball war in Choudrant,LA. The IKV Bayou Serpent crew present included Lt Cmdr Ri'Par,Lt K'Allen,Lt Torsha,L Lt. Sito,and 2nd Lt. Ni'Vek. The Bayou Serpent crew welcomed once again the IKV Melota out of Dallas,TX to the event. The Melota crew included Salek,Krell,sQueezinart,RotaQ,and his parmachi KatoQ. sQueezinart arrived much earlier than the rest to get the camps set up for the rest of the Melota crew,going above and beyond as she always does. We had a very large mundane attendance this year and also helped them set up camp. The Melota crew arrived after dark and the ribbing started early. Krell's gorgeous weapon "Elvira" was used to frighten one of our mundane guests on more than a few occasions. Saturday morning brought no CO2 tank so members of both ships trekked to Hobbytown for CO2 and to the ferengi-run Wal-Mart for other supplies.

The games began with the "Iconian" game from last year with artifacts of various values placed on the field in painted containers. The teams were a little mixed this year with Bayou Serpent and Melota members often on the same team and mundanes sprinkled in. Krell allowed Ri'Par to borrow his gilley suit to much success. KatoQ used a tactic not seen before in Venom Wars of leaving her gun at the base and casually walking around picking up containers. Believing that she was out of the game,the enemy didn't fire on her. Once again we had a lost player! One of our mundane guests,Justin Burge,managed to get lost in an attempt to take Ri'Par out of the game. Fortunately he found his own way out quickly and not on terran farming equipment.

The second game was particularly brutal! It was a free-for-all game in which everyone started with no ammo. sQueezinart placed several containers on the field with ammo in them. Some had as little as 3 balls,others as much as 6. Warriors had to run onto the field,capture ammo,and wipe out anyone in sight. Most shooting was done VERY close! Ri'Par got a nice bruise while K'Allen got hit from so close that it actually put a hole in his shirt and drew blood.

The third game was "capture the flag". Neither flag was ever captured but K'Allen came very close. Screams of QAPLA! could be heard as he attacked the base in the last minutes of the game.

The ceremonies began after dark as usual. Salek began the ceremonies with his bloodwine that we are all very fond of,Ri'Par welcomed everyone,and K'Allen lead the death howl that the mundanes seemed to enjoy. Ri'Par once again took the stage and promoted Sito to L Lt and Ni'Vek to 2nd Lt for completing their uniforms. Awards were given for most bruised (KatoQ),least bruised (Shai,mundane),and MVP to Justin Burge. Event pins were handed out and everyone enjoyed their bloodwine. The after-party seemed to turn in earlier than usual after the hard day of fighting but we were very happy to see so many people. By the beginning of the ceremonies we had 18 people present.

Sunday saw the packing up that we all hate,not because we hate packing but because we hate to see these guy and girls go back to Texas. We had the best year so far and hope next year is even bigger.

We'd like to thank a few people that went beyond what was asked of them to make this a great event. First off sQueezinart:You always go out of your way to make sure everyone has a great time and our event was no exception. We were happy to even see you again but you helped out without being asked with the camps,giving Ri'Par a drink in that hot gilley suit and loading the ammo containers for the second game.
Krell:We know your health isn't that great but you still showed up,played hard,and got into uniform for the ceremonies.
Sito:You had just had surgery 2 days before the event but you still came out. That's the heart of a warrior! We thank everyone for their participation but we thought these 3 people deserved special recognition. Qapla!