Boo At The Zoo

On October 25,2003 five members of the IKV Bayou Serpent attended the ship's first appearance at "Boo At The Zoo", a halloween event that raises money for the zoo's operating funds. Four thousand people were in attendance! The crew had a recruiting table at the main entrance to pass out ship flyers. Our main goal was entertaining though and the crew must have taken pictures with hundreds of trekkers and kids. The zoo staff really looked after us by providing us with a table,large fan, and food and drink since the heat was so oppressive in the afternoon. We also learned the baboons are scared of Klingons, Ri'Par in particular, since they would flee from cage to cage whenever we entered the primate house and the dominate male would bear his teeth at Ri'Par.A small independent newspaper met with us about setting up a photo shoot and interview for a later date.In attendance were Lt. Ri'Par,Lt K'Allen,Marine Captain K'klarj,2nd Lt Torsha,and 2nd Lt J'Lok.