About Us

We are the crew of the Imperial Klingon Vessel Bayou Serpent,a proud and loyal ship of the Klingon Assault Group. We are based out of the West Monroe area of Louisiana and we are the only ship in the northern part of the state. We are extremely active,whether it be competing in bat'leth tournaments,paintball wars,charity events,conventions,parades,or just intimidating the mundane people of Terra Firma. Think you have what it takes to be Klingon? If not,we also accept other races,even from other sci-fi series...just no humans! No "fantasy" characters either! We are always looking for new members and new events to conquer.

We have been around since 1998 when one KAG member got his closest friends together to form the ship. From there the club took off. We have been featured on many television shows both locally and nationally,along with radio and newspaper articles. Our pursuit of glory has no limits!

Interested? We will help you along your journey of becoming Klingon by helping with your uniform and ridges but bring your own attitude. We are also looking for ACTIVE members! If you're content to be a name on a website then go buy a set of pajamas and join a feddie club!

If you still think you have what it takes we would be honored to call you one of our own. You may hail Captain Ri'Par at ripar_bortas@yahoo.com. If you'd just like to plan an event or appearance with us then that's fine too,just know that we do it in uniform.

May your enemies blood break over your boots as an ocean. Qapla!